A Note from Dee

Welcome to the Boutique!
I am a bona fide shopaholic. I have loved fashion since I was a little girl. I loved going shopping even if I wasn't buying anything. I loved to look at clothes and shoes and put outfits together. I became the go-to fashion guru for many of my friends. As I  got older I even began to let my friends "shop" my closet.
Out of that came my blog Shopaholic's Closet. There I share my love of fashion and trends. Especially my love of shoes. But I wanted even more.
I've always wanted to own my own Boutique. When I was younger it was a brick and mortar store and I wanted it to be full of beautiful pieces, from dresses to shoes, handpicked by me. 

Fast forward to adulthood and my boutique is now a reality. Only its online. Every item is handpicked by me from brands all over the world. Including from my hometown, NYC. I've chosen brands that are trendy, sustainable, do good and/or are size-inclusive. You'll also find designer pieces, bargain buys and shoes, plenty of shoes.

I like to look good and feel good and when you shop in my closet I want you to feel that too. Thanks for stopping by. Visit often, my closet doors are always open.
Happy Shopping!
Dee, Owner & Curator
Shopaholic's Closet Boutique