The Top Trends of Fall 2018

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Fall guarantees beautiful foliage, pumpkin spice lattes, wonderful shades of browns, greens, reds, oranges and yellows, and lots of great trends. 

Check out my top favorite trends below.

My first love for fall. Leopard in particular. This is my go to fall print. Shoes, scarves, earrings, tops. I love this print so much and will have fun wearing it this season.

Think houndstooth and herringbone. Two prints I absolutely adore but can be so difficult to find at a good price. Tailored suit looks and amazing prints. I’m here for it.

I have tried the small bag but I love my big bags because they can hold everything and I just love it! I’m so glad to see this trend coming back strong. Super excited.

Most of my fall wardrobe is a standard color palette (black, white, gray, beige, and navy). To add a pop of color, tights are a great way go especially as the weather turns cool. They were really big a few seasons ago so I'm glad to see them back. I have tights in electric blue and red, and this season I’m gonna try my hand at yellow.

Maybe it’s because of my days in private school but I love plaid and I’m so excited to wear it during the fall season. I favor a burgundy tartan but I’m super excited for the different color plaids I'm seeing hearkening back to the 90s in tops, pants, suits, shoes and skirts.

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