The 2019 Fall Preview

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Many of the usual suspects are here this season like sweaters, big coats and boots. Below are my top 4 favorite trends of the season. And they are all in my closet! A few will seem familiar but that's because good fashion is timeless.

Plaid makes my list every year but that's because plaid is Fall fashion. If plaid didn't make my list you should be questioning my sanity. Last year was all about herringbone and houndstooth and they are still awesome plaids but this year...keeping thing in Check is the way to go (see what I did there?).
I don't always love leather because it can be so stinking hot but I've never felt sexier than back in the day in my pair of brown leather pants. This year leather on leather is big. Think leather shirt and pant/skirt combos.
I adore ponchos and capes are just their heftier cousin. They provide the warmth of a coat without all the structure. They are perfect for layering, don't care if you are a size 2 or 22 and they can instantly elevate an outfit.
Leopard print
I literally wear this print no matter the season but most often it's in footwear. This fall see it not just on people's feet but also in coats, skirts and pants.
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