SS19 Trends

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Spring has sprung! There are a lot of trends circulating this spring season and I have my favorites. Below I discuss my top three that you will definitely be seeing in the shop!

Crochet: I was a big fan of crochet long before now. I’m just glad that it’s getting a moment to shine. Most see crochet and think knitting needles and grandmas but crochet in my opinion is beautiful especially in white and if you wear it right very sexy and fashion forward.


Tortoise Shell: Tortoise shell has always been a love of mine before it was trendy. It’s just a great pattern and can act as a neutral or a statement piece.

Tie Dye: Tie dye is another ode to the 90s that is re-emerging. When I was a kid everyone had a tie dye shirt including me! And I loved it. Partially because I made it and partially because it’s fun. In my adult life I haven’t been able to incorporate that into my everyday wardrobe but this season I definitely will be.

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